What is the problem with Georgia Tech football?


Twitter has had spirited debates the last 2 days about Georgia Tech football following a 55-31 loss to Clemson that dropped the Jackets to 6-4. Various folks @CFBMatrix @cfb_poindexter @cfn_ms @younglefhander @MattZemek_CFN weighed in on the matter. These are all people whose opinions I respect, but there wasn’t a consensus with what ails Georgia Tech football.

In my opinion, and I’ve discussed this on the board before, I don’t think Paul Johnson has ever recruited well enough to make Georgia Tech a consistent top 25 team. When your top offensive players are a 5-7 former walk-on in Robert Godhigh and a wide receiver in DeAndre Smelter that spent the last several years playing baseball you get the the picture that the Yellow Jackets haven’t recruited well or???

Some think Georgia Tech actually hasn’t recruited that poorly, but that the real problem is a lack of effort, poor execution, and/or poor coaching. The Yellow Jackets have without question had a lot of mental errors this year with careless ball security and untimely penalties. With that said I think it’s time for poll. What do you think is Georgia Tech’s problem?

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