Richard Deitsch – Clay Travis Feud – Round 2 to Deitsch Again


Good evening, sports fans – extra shout out to those fans in Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) country.

As Jeff (@TalkinACCSports) says, we love college sports in general – but we really love the ACC.

We know you are all ready for college football this week. Until Saturday comes, we thought we might provide you with a little humor – something that caught our eye.

In July 2013, we introduced you to Richard Deitsch and Clay Travis, including their educational and professional backgrounds. We also showed you how the Professor, Richard Deitsch, schooled the pupil, Clay Travis. You can see that post here.

We fast forward to yesterday – and apparently Clay Travis is disappointed that his college football sports show isn’t getting that much play. Richard Deitsch explains why in a series of tweets – Clay Travis deflects from those arguments – and Deitsch still takes Travis to school once again. The tweets tell the story:




















No more really needs to be said here – bravo to Richard Deitsch – who you can follow on Twitter at @RichardDeitsch

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