Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere November 12, 2013.


It’s November, and that means conference races, bowl positioning, and the start of basketball season. Let’s check in on our ACC Bloggers.

@HokieSmash brought this to my attention on twitter today. Have you been wondering if all the bowl eligible ACC teams will find a home? BC blog BCInterruption took a look at the rest of the country and whether they could fill all their bowls, and if one of their bowl could host an ACC Team. This is worth a read.

Are you interested in how much each ACC football coach is making? ACC Perscription has it for you. I’m guessing Jimbo Fisher and Dabo Swinney will be getting raises.

Speaking of which Tomahawknation looks at much it will cost Florida State to keep Jimbo Fisher.

Are you ready for a little Clemson vs Georgia Tech Thursday? This has been one the South’s more underrated rivalries. There’s alot on the line in this one. Clemson is trying to stay in position for an at large BCS big, while the Yellow Jackets still have an outside at the Coastal Division Title. Georgia Tech blog recaps some of the recent history of this rivalry.

After Virginia Tech’s big win at Miami, Hokie blog Gobbler Country asks should Virginia Tech be ranked? I’d like to see the Hokies backup that performance with another good outing before I’d rank them.

Okay Pittsburgh you just had your best win of the year over a ranked Notre Dame team. Pitt blog CardiacHill shares their feelings on the game. Hats off to you Pitt. That was one of the ACC’s biggest non-conference wins of the season.

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