Florida State’s rise to number 2 in the BCS rankings debunks an expansion era myth.


Do you remember last year during expansionpalooza, a myth that was perpetuated on blogs, message boards, and even a handful of college football talking heads that an ACC team would be the lowest rated of any undefeated power 5 conference team? Some even said they would be behind the any 1 loss SEC team. The myth continued on that obviously an ACC team would never appear in a BCS Championship and would almost have no chance in the 4 team playoff.

With only one BCS year left, I aimed to disprove this last June, by asking was the ACC really at a disadvantge in the 4 team playoff? 

By looking at every BCS year going back to 2005, I believe I was able prove that any undefeated ACC team would be right in the mix of any 4 team playoff. In the case of even 1 loss, an ACC team would still be in the discussion. There were still doubters because unfortunately I was only extrapolating results based on a high ranking ACC team finishing out a season without losing.

In recent years even the best ACC teams would lose a game late in the year to drop from BCS Title contention. Only the 2007 Virginia Tech team would have finished in the top 4.

Leave it Florida State to completely debunk this ACC myth in the first year post expansion palooza. The Seminoles sit a very strong  number 2 in the BCS rankings. Should they win out, it is virtually assured they will play in the National Title. They will get in ahead of all 1 loss SEC teams. They will get in ahead of  undefeated Ohio State from the Big 10. They will get in ahead of an undefeated Baylor team from the Big 12. The Seminoles did this without even the benefit of a strong non-conference schedule.

Florida State’s year ending in state rival Florida is having it’s worst season since the 1970s. Now credit Florida State for being dominant in every game which impressed voters, but other than that they simply won games.

In addition Clemson sits number 6 in the coaches polls. The 2nd highest ranked 1 loss team only behind Stanford. Even the BCS standings have Clemson only behind 1 loss teams Stanford and Auburn. The Tigers are ahead of 1 loss Missouri from the SEC, 1 loss Oklahoma St from the Big 12, and 1 loss Michigan St from the Big 10.

There  in no magic formula, just win games as Florida State has done. The ACC wasn’t isn’t and won’t be a hindrance to any team trying to reach the championship games. We have actual proof now.  Let’s all remember this goofy little myth fondly from the expansionpalooza era.

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