Why ACC fans should get behind Florida State now.


Let’s be clear on one thing. When I say ACC fans should get behind Florida State, I don’t mean jump on the bandwagon, and I don’t absolutely don’t mean should they win a BCS Title that’s it your title. This isn’t the SEC, where you win titles by proxy according to some of their fans. What I’m saying is that Florida State is in position to do something that hasn’t been done by any ACC team in over a decade. After Oregon’s loss, the Seminoles control their own path to the National Championship. Unless you are playing against them directly, they deserve the rest of the conference’s support, and here’s why…

Let’s start with the direct effect of Florida State’s success. It’s more money for your school. That’s always good. The ACC splits it’s bowl revenue evenly. I’m not sure if Pitt and Syracuse get a full share of the the bowl revenue this year, let’s assume they do for now. The BCS Title game will payout $18 million this year. That’s $1.28 Million per ACC school. With FSU in the title game, that opens a position in the Orange Bowl for a 2nd ACC BCS team.

This was a possibility before if Clemson finished 11-1, but the likelihood of that has increased because the Seminoles would be in the BCS Title game. The Orange Bowl would now likely select any ACC team that finishes in the top 14 of the BCS. I find it hard to believe the Orange Bowl would bypass a qualifying ACC school, when it was the ACC that was largely responsible for keeping the Orange Bowl relevant.

If you remember last season the Orange Bowl and ACC agreed to a 12 year bowl agreement, and they currently are the host for the ACC Champion. The ACC could have very easily aligned with the Chick Fil A bowl for example and put in the Orange Bowl in a difficult position. They did not. The Orange Bowl and ACC are tied at the hip. That’s a $17 Million payout or an additional $1.2 Million per ACC Team made easier by Florida State’s success. ADs from Boston to Miami are saying thanks very much Florida State.

Like it or not conferences always get grouped as whole when it comes to TV Contracts, Strength of Schedules, and media perception. A national champion appearance by Florida State enhances the ACC brand, hence your schools brand. The SEC has successfully done this for years. Even at Kentucky and Vanderbilt, coaches recruit there on selling the playing in the SEC. Now whether it makes a difference or not is up to the individual school, but you don’t think Dabo Swinney and Al Golden can’t walk into a recruit’s home and say look we were on Gameday with FSU, now help us get over the top.

Follow the lead of the ACC coaches. Have you noticed ACC coaches getting behind each other this season? Frank Beamer sending a note to Al Golden on his remarkable handling of the NCAA investigation.  Dabo Swinney flashing the U. Jimbo Fisher complimenting Clemson and Miami on their big OOC wins early in the year. Fisher knew that those wins over Georgia and Florida by Clemson and Miami would lay the groundwork to a FSU national title run. Obviously they did, as the Noles saw an opportunity and took it, but needed highly ranked conference partners to do so. Clemson and Miami lose those games and the Seminoles are probably trailing Ohio State in the polls and maybe even Baylor and Stanford come Sunday.

Do you want an ACC Network? Think about how much more attractive the conference is when it is seen as having quality football led by the Noles contending for the national title this season?  Good luck to John Swofford trying to push a network with a couple of 9-3 teams, and a mish mash of everyone else.

Florida State raises the bar. The ACC was ill-prepared to make a football leap in the 90s and may be more equipped to do so now. Tired of your team settling for mediocre seasons? Those 6-6 mediocre seasons will become nightmare 3-9 seasons if your school stands pat. The Noles are in position to compete for national titles going forward. Clemson hasn’t lost to any other ACC team but FSU since 2011, and Miami isn’t looking back. If you don’t get better you’re getting left behind. Auburn’s Gene Chizik won the national championship winning in 2011 and never saw 2013 after a 3-9 season. Alabama and LSU aren’t going to wait around for Auburn to rebuild. Ask Will Muschamp how things are in Gainesville this year after winning 11 games in 2012.

What Florida State is doing is good for the ACC, that’s clear. There are financial and competitive benefits for every ACC school out there. I hope they win it all now.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    100% agree. For an extra $1.28 million, I wouldn’t even be mad if the Hokies lost the ACC CG to FSU!

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