Who will replace coaching legends at Syracuse, Duke, UNC and Louisville?


Back in May I wrote that next year the ACC will have the greatest collection of college basketball coaches ever.  I don’t think there’s any doubt that statement. With Mike Krzyzewski,, Jim Boeheim, Roy Williams, Rick Pitino all together does it get any better. That’s 9 National Titles, 29 Final 4’s, and over 3200 wins. There’s only one problem though, we won’t be able to enjoy for all that many years.

Each coach is over 60, and while I don’t see any of them retiring in the near future, we could start seeing some turnover in the next 5 or 6 years. It’s all in how you plan for the future. Florida State football looks to have hit a home run in Jimbo Fisher following Bobby Bowden.

UCLA went 20 years after after the retirement of John Wooden, before it reached another they won another national title.

For these great programs Syracuse, Duke, UNC, and Louisville who might be candidates to replace their legendary coaches in the future? CBSSportsline’s Gary Parrish asks this very question. What’s the next coaching step for Syracuse, Duke, UNC, and Louisville? Interesting read that’s worth a look.

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