Podcast – @Bart_CFN talks ACC Football and Basketball. The National College Football Scene too with @HokieSmash and @TalkinACCSports


@HokieSmash and I ( @TalkinACCSports ) just completed a podcast with Bart Doan @Bart_CFN of CollegeFootballNews.com. We had Matt Zemek ( @MattZemek_CFN ) last week. These guys know their college football and write some great articles. To download the audio file of this podcast, please go here. We hope you are enjoying this guest series, because there is more to come on our weekly ACC podcasts with @HokieSmash and me ( @TalkinACCSports ).

In this order, these are topics @Bart_CFN covered on this special podcast. We enjoyed his insights into college football and college basketball.

 @Bart_CFN tells us about himself and what’s happening at CollegeFootballNews.com

Virginia Tech being back in the top 25 prior to last week’s Duke loss

 Is Miami back or do they have a ways to go and can they beat Florida State?

Are Miami’s penalties fair?

Three teams nationally that are on your radar as being elite.

 ACC MVP thus far in the season.

ACC coaching MVP thus far in the season.

 Midmajor team that will get to the BCS

 How much do you watch the lower division FCS games?  Do you watch when the playoff time comes around?

 Top three Heisman candidates.

 Who ends up in the national title game?

 Bart Doan’s college basketball experience. (He played folks!)

 Who wins the ACC this year in basketball, and a surprise team.

 What can the traditional football schools do to keep pace in the new look ACC basketball league. 

 Final thoughts from Bart Doan.

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