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One of the great things that bloggers like myself do is surf the net reading about their favorite teams or sports. Most of those articles I agree with, some I do not, and then there is the ones that make me shake my head and those I write about as “My Rant of the Day”. That is exactly what I was doing when I found this article on USA Today that spoke about some new recruiting rules proposed by the NCAA subcommittee.  In all there are five things that the suits in Indianapolis are considering, the one I wanted to talk about is the following…

“Allowing schools to pay for meals for up to four family members who accompany a recruit on an official visit. Current rules allow schools to pay for the recruit and his parents, legal guardians, spouse or children but exclude siblings and other family members. This approach provides schools more flexibility to address each prospective student-athlete’s specific family situation.”

Below the five proposed changes the article talks about the fact that the NCAA believes this will promote a healthy recruiting atmosphere for both the student-athletes and the coaches and will protect the integrity of the process.

My thought on this is… Seriously?

I am not saying having a cornucopia for student-athletes coming to visit a school. But why can’t the university pay for a meal if they young man’s brother(s) and/or sister(s) come as well? Or maybe the player’s grandparents, who might never make it to a game cause their loved one is going too far for them to get to but care for him enough to go see the school he wants to attend? They too can not have a meal on the program because that might “ruin” the integrity of the recruiting of such student-athlete?

In a world, where I keep being fed by commercials how the NCAA is about the student-athlete, do I then have to read things like this? No pun intended, but things like this turn my stomach!

If every recruit comes with ten family members, and each program has 30 recruits come to the school for an official visit, the program will have spent $ 15,000. If such a small amount is going to break the bank than that university should not be sponsoring said sport. Let’s be real, any booster of any school could pay for that amount and not even think about it twice.

What I would be in favor of is paying for as many relatives come with the young man, and instead contain the amount of unofficial visits that possible student-athletes can take to schools.  But that is truly not the problem here, the trouble is that until the NCAA keeps worrying about meals for a young man deciding which school to go to and does not focus about the much bigger problems it means that they still not getting it.

Dr. Mark A. Emmert, along with the rest of the NCAA needs to find solutions to problems that are a lot more important than a meal. And the fact that subcommittees are wasting their time on things like this just makes me wonder if the National Collegiate Athletic Association truly cares about solving anything important.

The only good thing is, until I see the NCAA change their ways I will be writing about it, and you can read it on one of “My Rants of the Day” right here on AllSportsDiscussion!

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