Can Virginia Tech build on win over Georgia Tech?

frank_beamer_picReports of the demise of the Virginia Tech football team may have been premature. The Hokies football program is slipping. Frank Beamer is past his prime. Not so fast, in 2013 the Virginia Tech Hokies just moved to 4-1 after a win over Georgia Tech. Look Virginia Tech isn’t going to join Clemson and Florida State in the upper echelon of the ACC, but their win over Georgia Tech in Atlanta gives the Hokies something to build on.

When you look at the Hokies next few weeks… Their next three games are at home, UNC, Pitt and Duke. Then there is a winnable road game at Boston College. North Carolina has defensive issues and can’t run the ball. Pittsburgh really has defensive issues, and Duke is a walking defensive issue. The Hokies should really enter their November 9th game at Miami 8-1.

What you have to like about the Hokies is the defense. Jesse Palmer called it the best defense in the country. I won’t go that far, but it’s defiantly among the top 15 in the country. When you can play defense you keep yourself in a lot of games. Where Virginia Tech has struggled in recent years is on offense. The offense is still a work in progress. The wide receivers don’t make enough plays. The running game is hit or miss, and of course you never know which Logan Thomas will show up at QB.

Thursday night pretty good and at times very good Logan Thomas played. That’s the thing Logan Thomas doesn’t have to be great for Virginia Tech to win. The defense can pretty much carry the Hokies. Thomas just needs to be not awful. If he can sustain a couple of drives a game and give the Hokies some semblance of an offense like tonight I can see the Hokies going 10-2.

Virginia Tech showed enough signs to me against Georgia Tech that the 7 win season of last year won’t again happen in 2013.

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