Florida State’s Jameis Winston and Georgia Tech’s Vad Lee prove the future is bright for ACC QB’s.


Which players are going to replace Tajh Boyd, Bryn Renner, and Stephen Morris as some of the ACC’s top signal callers over the next few years? If today is any measure of the future of quarterbacking in the ACC, things look mighty bright.

Most folks around the country are already aware of Florida State’s RS FR Jameis Winston.

Winston before he ever played a game at Florida State was already being compared to Seminole legend Charlie Ward. You’d  think that expectations like that might intimidate a player. Not so with Winston, who was brilliant in his national TV performance against Pittsburgh on Labor Day. Even after a slow start Saturday against Nevada, Winston completed his final 13 passes in the 62-7 rout. Winston has completed 40 of his first 45 passes.

That’s an astonishing 89% completion percentage. Sure the competition hasn’t been elite, but that would be tough to do in practice. Winston came in with a ton of hype, but he’s lived up to it. EJ Manuel was a first round NFL pick from Florida State, and I honestly think the Noles may better at quarterback this year. Winston has got the most notoriety, but there another young ACC quarterback that’s showing flashes of his ability. That’s Vad Lee of Georgia Tech.

Paul Johnson has never had a quarterback this talented at his disposal at Georgia Tech. I loved Josh Nesbitt. He had great intangibles, and he was tough as nails, but he was limited as a passer. Tevin Washington had some smarts to him, but he didn’t have Lee’s athletic ability. Saturday looked like it could be a trap game in Durham against Duke, but Lee smoothly ran Paul Johnson’s triple option offense.  Actually it doesn’t even look like the triple option that much anymore. With Lee in control, the offense looks  more like Ralph Friedgen’s Georgia Tech’s offense’s of the late 90s. Lee threw for 4 TD’s today against Duke, as Georgia Tech ran some pistol, some shotgun, and some true triple option.

When Vad Lee threw for 169 yards and ran for 112 yards against UNC in Georgia Tech’s 68-50 win over UNC last year, it was clear Lee was a special player and now we are seeing the RS Sophomore’s continued maturation.

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