Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere September 10, 2013.


For years everyone’s been saying, if the ACC wants to change their football perception they need to start winning big OOC games. Well how about playing 4 ranked SEC teams to start the season, be an underdog in all them and go 2-2, thanks to Clemson and Miami. Take a look deeper into the schedule and ACC teams have ZERO losses to a non-Power 5 conference team. I know the ACC bloggers have some opinions on the ACC’s encouraging start.

After Miami’s landmark victory over Florida, Hurricane blog says with winning comes pressure.  I’m not sure Miami will ever achieve the dominance it had in the late 80s and 90s, but they have a chance to one day be a consistent top 15 program. I think Hurricane fans will look at this victory as the moment their program started turning the corner.

Have you look at the latest AP poll? ACCPrescription has, and if you put it all together this would look like a pretty nice football conference. Louisville must be counted, but you have to include Notre Dame not so much for conference pride, but with games against 5 ACC teams a year, the conference’s SOS is enhanced.

Clemson and Florida State don’t play for weeks, but Tomahawknation says the Seminoles Clemson prep is starts now. 

Boston College is off to a tidy 2-0 start. BCInterruption says not only is the football team better, but the Gameday experience is improving as well in Boston. 

If you don’t believe Virginia Tech is committed to getting better at football, this should convince you. According to Hokie blog GobblerCountry, Virginia Tech has approved a plan to go forward with an indoor facility. ACC teams winnings football games, and investing heavily in football… hmm the ACC really is turning into a football conference.

ACCConfidential asks is it actually better for your ACC school in the long run if they lose to a Clemson or Florida State team that is the national title hunt?  Hmm… while you would obviously never root against your own school, that is ridiculous, this is something to think about. I would look at school like South Carolina in the SEC. A perennial loser for years in the SEC. In recent years they used the perceived strength of the SEC as a recruiting tool to make them a legit top 15 program. Vanderbilt and Ole Miss have done the same to improve recruiting. I think a strong football conference can enhance your own program in the long run.

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