Will Texas’s Mack Brown or USC’s Lane Kiffin make it through the season?


During the week 2 podcast with @HokieSmash and myself I said Texas’s game at BYU could be very tricky, and that if Texas didn’t win the heat would really turn up on head coach Mack Brown.  This is was despite the Cougars season opening loss at Virginia. You just had the feeling going into Provo the Longhorns could be ripe for an upset.

Did it ever happen… BYU ran for a whopping 550 yards on a marshmallow soft Texas defense. With that loss, Texas said goodbye to defensive coordinator Manny Diaz today. Ouch… To add to Brown’s frustration, Texas had the opportunity to have RG III, Johnny Manziel, or Jameis Winston play QB at Austin. He missed on all 3.

The other coach who is now drawing the ire of his fanbase is Lane Kiffin of USC. The Trojans lost 10-7 at home to a Washington St. picked to finish last in the Pac-12 North. I’ve never been a fan of Kiffin. He lost when he was a Oakland , he embarrassed himself at Tennessee, and he’s turned USC into a national laughing stock.

We know he’s had to deal with some scholarship reductions, but I don’t care if he was playing with 50 scholarships a year, he shouldn’t losing to Washington St. at home or going 7-6 like he did last year. Kiffin has now lost 6 of his last 8 games at USC.

Maybe you have a different opinion?

Brown did go 13-1 as recently as 2009 and went 9-4 last year with a bowl win and maybe Diaz was the problem. He’s gone now.

Lane Kiffin went 10-2 in 2011, and the scholarship reductions were something he’s had to deal to with. Should they be given more time or is their time up? I think Brown may be able to salvage something out of the season in a Big 12 that doesn’t feature a single top 10 team.

Kiffin avoids Oregon but must play at Notre Dame, Stanford and UCLA. The other games aren’t guarantees either. If you can lose to Washington St. at home you can lose to anyone on your schedule. He’s still even 40 yet, that’s young in coaching years. Could he turn it around?

Time to vote…

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