Quick thoughts on this year’s Big Ten/ACC Challenge.


The games times were just announced for the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. The ACC official site has all kinds information on the history of the 15 year event.   So what about the matchups? Oh boy does this should be fun.

Indiana at Syracuse, Michigan at Duke, North Carolina at Michigan St. umm yea more please. Those are three must see games, and the rest of the schedule is pretty strong too. This will be a pretty even matchup, that just running through the games quickly, I think the ACC will win the series 7-5. It’s a long way off, but it’s something to look forward to in December.

Tuesday, December 3
7:15 p.m. Indiana at Syracuse W
7:15 p.m. Illinois at Georgia Tech L
7:30 p.m. Penn State at Pittsburgh W
9:15 p.m. Michigan at Duke W
9:15 p.m. Notre Dame at Iowa W
9:30 p.m. Florida State at Minnesota L
Wednesday, December 4
7:00 p.m. Maryland at Ohio State L
7:00 p.m. Wisconsin at Virginia W
7:30 p.m. Northwestern at NC State W
9:00 p.m. North Carolina at Michigan State L
9:00 p.m. Boston College at Purdue L
9:30 p.m. Miami at Nebraska W

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