Ranking the 5 best Safeties in the ACC for 2013.

NCAA Football: North Carolina at Virginia

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Here’s something else, I received a couple of emails this past week from a UVA fan stationed in Qatar, that said following ACC Sports were lifeline back home from the middle east. That was pretty neat. I hope he’s reading the previews enjoying them and hopefully it won’t be long before he’s back watching games stateside.

Now to some ACC safety rankings as finish off our defensive rankings, with the special team rankings the last to go.

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1) Tre Boston, North Carolina

Who is Mel Kiper’s top senior Safety? It’s North Carolina’s Tre Boston.  That’s some pretty impressive stuff. Boston is coming off an Honorable Mention All-ACC season. He’s on several pre-season defensive player Watch Lists, and pre-season All-ACC teams. He led UNC last year with 86 tackles was a 2 time ACC Defensive Back of the week. Boston is versatile player and has spent some time playing cornerback as well. Boston’s greatest asset is he is a rangy player that can cover a lot of ground on the field.

2) Terrance Brooks, Florida State

I’m not sure why I haven’t seen Terrance Brooks on more pre-season All-ACC lists at safety. I tend to think some FSU players get lost in the shuffle because there is so much talent already there. If you look at most NFL draft projections you’ll find Brooks rated just behind Tre Boston. Brooks is an athletic player than led the FSU secondary in tackles with 52. He has good cover skills, and is one the Seminoles better special teams players. If you don’t know Terrance Brooks, you’ll know him by the end of the season.

3) Kyshoen, Jarrett, Virginia Tech

Last season, Kyshoen Jarrett really began coming into his own as a safety. HokieSports.com had Jarrett playing over 900 snaps on defense last year, with 83 tackles. CollegeFootballNew rated him as the 2nd best Strong Safety NFL prospect in the country. Just a junior, his best is still ahead.

4) Isaiah Johnson, Georgia Tech

Given some of the struggles of the Georgia Tech defense last year, it’s a surprise that the back 7 is as talented as it is. All you have to do is watch the ACC Title game against FSU and the Sun Bowl against USC to tell with good coaching, the talent is there. Isaiah Johnson is another one of those players, that you’ve been seeing on a bunch of pre-season All-ACC teams. He has good size at 6-2 208 lbs, and has 150 tackles the last 2 years. He’s projected to be a 3rd-5th NFL pick.

5) Deon Bush, Miami

Deon Bush is only a sophomore, but he’s a defensive star in the making. He was a second team freshman All-American by College Football News. He had three forced fumbles, which was tied for second in the ACC. NFLDraftScout already has him rated as the #2 Strong Safety in the 2016 class. Expect a big sophomore season out Bush, as he gains another year of experience.

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