How the ACC compares to the other Power 5 conferences in football recruiting. You may be surprised.


Not long ago I took a look at how the ACC teams were doing in recruiting this summer.  A month has passed that piece, and I want to address that how the ACC as a whole  is building significant football recruiting momentum. How much so? You might be surprised. ACCPrescription also covered recently the ACC’s recruiting success. 

Today I want to compare the ACC to the other Power 5 conferences.

Haven’t we always been told the ACC is the worst of the power 5 conferences in football? Yes it’s the results on the field that count, but football success starts with recruiting. We will see how the ACC is faring so far in recruiting.

I’ll adjust the rankings to include Louisville in the ACC, and to put Rutgers and Maryland in the Big 10. None of these team’s recruits will ever play a game in their current conferences, and that is how their coaches are recruiting I’m sure.

Scout.com is kind enough to rank the conferences already, but I had to make the adjustments to rankings as I said.

These are the average points per team in each conference.


1. SEC 1539 pts.

2. ACC 1075 pts.

3. Big 10 1060 pts.

4. Big 12 954 pts.

5. Pac 12 639 pts.


1. SEC 1239 pts

2. ACC 985 pts.

3. Big 10 871 pts

4. Big 12 848 pts.

5. Pac 12 520 pts


1. SEC 165.9 pts

2. ACC 162.6 pts.

3. Big 10 142.7 pts

4. Big 12 140.7 pts.

5. Pac 12 97.3 pts

What are these results telling us? Not surprisingly the SEC by all measures is the best recruiting conference in country, but after that the results are a little unexpected. The Pac 12 is off to awful start. That conference has a ton of ground to make up on the other 4 conferences before February. The ACC sits 2nd in three major recruiting services point totals. How many folks predicted that in July?

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