Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere July 2, 2013.

Clemson's Andre Ellington, left, scores a touchdown in front of Florida State's Ochuko Jenije during fourth-quarter action in Clemson, S.C. on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009. (Travis Bell/Sideline Carolina)The big news was Monday in the ACC, as Syracuse, Pittsburgh, and Notre Dame (mostly) officially joined the conference. What is the ACC bloggers take on this among other topics?

Syracuse blog Nunesmagician introduces themselves to the ACC. 

CardiacHill, the Pittsburg blog, says it’s spectACCular that Pitt is joining the ACC. Get it? spectACCular… That’s kind of funny. In the post is a gif from my newest favorite twitter account @IamSpilly that’s worth checking out.

How is Notre Dame feeling about the move? I guess at least one Notre Dame blog – One Foot Down doesn’t think much about it considering today’s top article there is “Is EA Sports Keeping it Real with their RB Moves? Something about an enhanced stiff arm there. I’m kind of surprised they don’t have any opinion on the partial membership. Maybe they said something about it months ago.

Heck even ACC short timer Maryland blog Testudo Times has opinion on the members. This is their look at Pittsburgh.  That would sure would have made a nice little border rivalry. Oh well.

Looking for some good ACC tweets on during ACC initiation day? Boston College blog BCInterruption has a listing of some of the best ones from Monday.

Have you been noticing what’s going on with ACC Football Recruiting? ACC Blog ACC Prescription has. It’s going alot better that you may realize, and for more schools than just recruiting powerhouses like Florida State and Clemson. 9 Classes in the top 40 on Scout, and 11 in the top 40 on Rivals. I’m counting Louisville now too.

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