ACC Coaches “Hotseat” rankings

Beamer_FisherAbout a month ago, I ranked the ACC coaches.  Now I’m going switch things up a bit. We are going to rank the ACC coaches in terms of their of their “hotseat” ranking. Now this is interesting year in the ACC, because there is no coach that is imminent danger. No coach enters the season absolutely on the hotseat, but some could certainly end the year on the hotseat, and we are going to tell  you what these coaches better to do avoid that.

Seat on Fire 


Seat getting Warm

Randy Edsall, Maryland

Randy Edsall has been at Maryland 2 years and won 6 games. He’s forgiven somewhat for last year due to the rash of injuries at quarterback. There’s quiet optimism at Maryland.

Must Avoid 

Winning 4 games or less. Should the Terrapins have another season where they fail to break 4 games, the administration at Maryland may want to start their first season in the Big 10 with a new coach.

Mike London, Virginia

Last year was a setback at Virginia going 4-8. Now entering his 4th season Mike London needs to prove he’s more than just a recruiter.

Must Avoid

If Virginia doesn’t make it to a bowl this year, the heat will really be turned up on London. Also beating Virginia Tech eventually would help a lot.

Getting the burners ready, but they aren’t on yet.

Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech

That was a huge Sun bowl win over USC for Paul Johnson, or he would have been with group above. That said has he plateaued at Georgia Tech?

Must Avoid 

Georgia Tech can’t come out of that Georgia game worse than 7-5. Also Johnson must avoid another mediocre recruiting class. You can get away with a bad season if you recruit well. That gives fans hope.

Jim Grobe, Wake Forest

Grobe is similar to Johnson… has he plateaued at Wake Forest? The Deacs haven’t won more than 6 games since 2008.

Must Avoid

Grobe will need to avoid another sub 6 win season. I like Jim Grobe, but if you are Wake Forest and you’ve went 5 years since your last 7+ win season might a change be in order?

Paul Chryst, Pittsburgh

Chryst went 6-7 last season, and game within moments of beating Notre Dame. It’s only his second season, he’s not in any danger but…

Must Avoid

Chryst has to keep Pittsburgh competitive in the ACC. He’s doesn’t need a 7+ win season, but should the Panthers collapse to 2 or 3 wins, then Chryst will be in a little trouble entering 2014.

Seat is cool… will be there in 2014 no matter what.

Dabo Swinney, Clemson 

Dabo Swinney is in great shape, after back to back 10+ win seasons.

Must Avoid

It wasn’t that long ago people questioned Swinney as head coach of Clemson. In a what have you done for me lately world, Swinney can’t let Clemson slip into the 8 win level this season. The 4 game losing streak to South Carolina needs to come to an end too. Lose another one to the Gamecocks, and there will be some grumbling.

Jimbo Fisher, Florida State 

The defending ACC champions are coming off a 12 win season, and have won 31 games the last 3 years.

Must Avoid

Florida State must avoid the let down game. As good as the Noles have been, they have a disturbing tendency to lose to an inferior opponent each year. Seminole fans are very demanding, and if there is a 9-3 season with a loss at Boston College for example, Fisher will have a tough off-season.

Al Golden, Miami

Al Golden has a free pass at Miami for now with the NCAA rulings still not handed down.

Must Avoid

It’s simple for Golden, he’ll be at Miami in 2014 as long as some violation doesn’t come out that was during his tenure. Basically just stay out of trouble Al.

David Cutcliffe, Duke

Not since Steve Spurrier has a coach done more for Duke football than David Cutcliffe.

Must Avoid

Cutcliffe has to build on the 2012 bowl season. He can’t let Duke fall back into the 2-3 win territory. I think Cutcliffe is one of the best offensive minds in football, and Duke is very luck to have him.

Larry Fedora, North Carolina

Fedora is coming off an 8-4 season at UNC. There’s a feeling around North Carolina that the Tar Heels can make a run at their first Coastal Division title.

Must Avoid

It’s seems every year you look at the Heels roster, and you think there’s talent and with a break or too, could have have a 9-10 season. It doesn’t seem to happen. Fedora needs to make the Tar Heels a contender in ACC. If the Heels come home 7-5 or worse, you’ll start to wonder can anyone get them over the hump?

Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech

Frank Beamer is an institution at Virginia Tech. He builtVirginia Tech football… Enough said.

Must Avoid

Even legends  can get pushed out, just ask Bobby Bowden. Beamer can’t have another 6-7 win type season, or those ugly whispers will start. He’d probably need to have a couple of more mediocre seasons before the seat really got warm.

Dave Doeren, North Carolina State, Steve Addazio, Boston College,Scott Schafer, Syracuse

I’m lumping Dave Doeren, Steve Addazio, and Scott Schafer together, because they are all first year coaches. They will be back at their respective schools barring some sort of criminal scandal.

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