Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere June 24, 2013.


This time next week Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Notre Dame  will be official members of the ACC. Pittsburgh blog CardiacHill has done the countdown in a creative way. There are only 7 days left.

Good post from ACC Football Rx. Each ACC School, embrace your Legacy. 

Speaking of ACC Schools embracing their past, Clemson is doing just that. After all of these years, Danny Ford will be inducted into the Clemson Ring of Honor. Let Clemson blog ShakintheSouthland tell you about the legendary Clemson coach.

Georgia Tech’s great play by play announcer Wes Durham is moving on. Listen to some of Durham’s greatest calls at Georgia Tech. Being a Georgia Tech fan, I’ve listened to Durham many times and he was one of the best in the business. The Jackets are going to miss him.

Let’s stick with the current theme as Virginia prepares to look back at one of their all-time great basketball players Ralph Sampson.

What about arguably Wake Forest’s greatest legend Tim Duncan? BloggersSoDear says he’s the last of his kind. Read the article and see what they mean, because I agree with them.

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