Lebron James cements his legacy and he’s not done yet.

Lebron2I haven’t blogged much about the NBA finals, but I’ve been paying attention. One thing that struck me was the amount of criticism Lebron James took when the Miami Heat lost.  He wasn’t clutch, he wasn’t living up to his potential, he doesn’t have a  jump shot. I didn’t have a rooting interest in the Finals. I liked the blue collar makeup of the San Antonio Spurs. I’ve enjoyed watching Tim Duncan since his days at Wake Forest.

I didn’t have problem with the Heat either. Sure the Not 1, Not 2… pep rally of a few years ago was a little annoying, but it was a pep rally. I was curious of one thing. Where was Lebron James going to be among the all-time great basketball players?

Now after a 37 point 12 rebound Game 7 where he scored from all over the court, even if you’re a Lebron hater, he’s cemented his legacy. James is 2 Time NBA Champion, 2 Time Finals MVP, 4 Time MVP, 9 Time All Star. He made playing for Team USA basketball important again. He was one of the first NBA stars to really embrace playing on Team USA again after the luster of the early Dream Teams wore off. If Lebron retired today, he’d be among the 15 greatest players of All Time. At age 28 though, James may be far from finished.

James has answered his critics, and now the sky is the limit. I’m not ready to compare Lebron to one Mr. Michael Jordan yet, but ask me again in a few years.

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