ACC Digital Network reaches a milestone and a possible clue to the ACC Network’s timing…

acc_logoAbout 3 months ago we took a look at the the success ACC Digital Network and it’s growth since its beginning in the fall of 2011.  Recently it reached a milestone. It became the first major conference to have their Digital Network have over 5 Million views. It leads all major conferences in number of views.

ACC Digital Network – 5,012,301 views

SEC Digital Network – 4,324,381 views

Big 10 Network – 4,167,846 views

Big 12 Digital Network – 787,349 views

Pac 12 Network – 511,747 views

That’s nearly 800,000 views in nearly 3 months, and it was during a time where the basketball season was coming to an end, and football season hasn’t yet started. It’s a nice achievement for the ACC Digital Network.

Another announcement was made to day, that’s interesting. @iLLDuce    is someone on twitter that sent me a link about CNY Central landing the local TV rights for Syracuse University sports. I’ve had several conversations with @iLLDuce    on the state of the ACC and ACC Network.  One thing that struck us both is the length of the deal. It’s for 3 years. Now I’m no television expert, but that does seem awfully short for a TV rights deal. We are usually thinking in terms of 10-12 years with those, unless… TV rights have to be available for an ACC Network in 2-3 years? Just thinking out loud…could be nothing or could be a significant clue to the timing of an ACC Network.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Interesting take on this announcement (which I’m ashamed to say, I missed). This could very well be a clue to the mystery of the ACC cable channel…

  2. Jfann says:

    I wouldn’t have known myself if it hadn’t been sent to me. Like I said could be nothing or could be significant in it’s length. I’m guessing the latter. If a network wasn’t being seriously considered, wouldn’t Syracuse have tried to bid out those rights for long term deal? Every other media deal I’ve seen TV, radio, etc has been a decade. We’ll see..

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