Was the ACC’s tough early non-conference football schedule a good idea?

georgia_clemson_bulldogs_tigers_2003Short post for tonight… Actually a poll question. A discussion I’ve seen among fans of ACC schools is whether it was a good idea for the ACC’s to have such a tough early non-conference schedule. You can take a look at the ACC’s football schedule here. 

For example does it benefit a rebuilding Virginia team and the ACC, that the Cavaliers are playing BYU and Oregon to start the season. Virginia Tech, a fringe top 25, has to open with Alabama. North Carolina beginning the season at South Carolina. Even Clemson could derail the momentum of the LSU bowl win with a loss to a top 10 Georgia team. Miami is playing Florida in week 2. Syracuse has Penn State in week 1.

These are all matchups in the first weeks of the season. If the ACC were to lose all of these game, which is not outside the realm of possibility, that 4-2 bowl season of 2012-2013 would quickly be forgotten. At the same time if the ACC wins 3 or 4 of these games, it be hard to say that the ACC isn’t improving as a football conference.

I think the ACC probably needs to win at least 2 or 3 of these games to have a respectable showing. One of the wins has to be over Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina.  I don’t see Virginia Tech beating Alabama, but it would be nice if they keep it competitive. Also Virginia beating Oregon is a long shot. A lot is riding on the first two weeks of the season for the ACC. Now the question, was it a good idea?

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