Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere June 17, 2013.

acc_logoIt’s Monday and that means articles around the ACC Blogosphere. Let’s check things out starting with the hottest ACC school going at the moment…

NC State fresh off their  big opening CWS over arch rival North Carolina.

BackingthePack looks at NC State’s star pitcher Carlos Rodon’s streak of brilliance.  StateFansNation gives their take on NC State’s victory.  Both blogs understandably are feeling pretty good.

TarHeelFanblog says the road got tougher, but don’t count the Tar Heels out yet after the loss to NC State.  Honestly I don’t like the Heels chances. They are going to face one angry LSU team Tuesday. If North Carolina’s starting pitching doesn’t pick things up, their stay in Omaha will end very soon.

How did Florida State’s recent football recruiting camp go? Tomahawknation tells us and looks at who the Seminoles might be looking at next on their recruiting board.

Is recruiting taking the fun out of sports ask DukeSportsBlog?  It does, but this isn’t something new, and isn’t likely to change. It’s why Georgia Tech originally left the SEC in 1963, and why SMU got the death penalty back in the 80s. Recruiting is and can be a very ugly business.

What’s the point of Syracuse blog NunesMagician? Interesting question asked by that blog. Blogs are fun sometimes even informative, but they are usually just opinions. If don’t like what’s written comment away or if you do like it comment. Here on this blog you can even write your own post if want. You don’t have to agree with everything.

Something happened Monday that I found sick and disgusting. If you haven’t heard, the sports radio hosts on 790 AM in Atlanta actually make jokes about former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason and his battle with ALS. The Victory Formation blog tells us how Georgia Tech football coach Paul Johnson refuses to appear on the station and that maybe he was on to something.   Good for 790 they fired all 3 radio personalities.

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