Upcoming interviews of current\future ACC Personalities, and others on the ACC Digital Network.


I received this press release today. Looks like some interesting interviews coming up on the ACC Digital Network. To the right on the blog’s sidebar, you can view any these upcoming videos. Jimbo Fisher’s interview is already there. You can also find them on the ACC’s youtube channel.  Jeff Fischel of the ACCDN does the interviews, and he’s on twitter. @JeffFischel 

ACC Digital Network Viewers Set For ‘One-On-One’ Access

Jeff Fischel gives his audience and inside look with upcoming series

GREENSBORO, N.C. (theACC.com) – To regular viewers of the ACC Digital Network, it might seem as if Jeff Fischel has done it all since coming on board as host last summer.

 As it turns out, he is just getting started.

 Fischel’s time at ACCDN has coincided with what has arguably been the most exciting time in the 60-year history of the Atlantic Coast Conference, and his coverage has been at the forefront.  Over the past year, he has had the opportunity to sit down with one-on-one with the ACC’s great personalities and has been a part of some great moments over the last year.

 ACCDN will share some of his most memorable interviews, beginning with this afternoon’s chat with Florida State’s head football coach Jimbo Fisher and running non-stop on weekdays through June 28.

After being caught in the crossfire of North Carolina’s Gatorade shower following the ACC Baseball Championship and being “photo bombed” (several times) by Miami forward Julian Gamble following the Hurricanes’ ACC Tournament title-game win,  Fischel is the first to embrace the “fun” side of sports.

“You know what’s fun?” Fischel asks. “Knowing you’re witnessing something extraordinary. Being on the floor, talking to the Hurricanes right after they won the ACC basketball championship, you could see how fired up they were. Then we hung out with them in a hotel room as they watched the brackets come out. And watching (head coach) Jim Larranaga give them a speech in the hotel room about what they could accomplish …. I was so fired up, I  wanted to play for him. Sadly, I’m pretty sure I’ve used up my eligibility, and I doubt he has much need for a 5-foot-11, slow point guard who favors his left hand. I have a decent jumper though.”

Viewers will see more of that lighter side in the coming weeks, but they will also be treated to issue-oriented coverage with some of the most powerful and influential figures from the ACC and all of college sports. Long-time ACC fans will see plenty of familiar faces, and they will be introduced new ones leading up to conference’s expansion to a 15-team conference on July 1.

Fischel expects the series to follow a pattern similar to the joint interview he recently conducted with Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski and Syracuse counterpart Jim Boeheim, which he rates among his favorites.

“No doubt in my mind the most memorable interview I’ve had with the ACC Digital network is with Coach K and Jim Boeheim together,” he says. “I really wanted it to feel different. I didn’t want it to strictly be about X’s and O’s and all the wins. So I couldn’t have been happier that they were willing to have fun on camera. But to watch them go back-and-forth, joking like a comedy team was something  I never could have expected.”

In addition to sitting down with five of the ACC’s head football coaches and basketball coaching legends such as Roy Williams and Muffett McGraw in the coming weeks,  Fischel will speak with Bill Hancock, executive director of the  BCS and the new College Football Playoff, as well as athletic directors Dan Radakovich (Clemson), Tom Jurich (Louisville), Jack Swarbrick (Notre Dame) and Craig Littlepage (Virginia).

 The complete lineup for Jeff Fischel’s One-on-One series on ACCDN:

 Monday, June 10 – Jimbo Fisher, Florida State

Tuesday, June 11 – Al Golden, Miami

Wednesday, June 12 – Larry Fedora, North Carolina

Thursday, June 13 – Bill Hancock, BCS/CFB Playoff

Friday, June 14 – Dabo Swinney, Clemson

 Monday, June 17 – Muffett McGraw, Notre Dame

Tuesday, June 18 – Sylvia Hatchell, North Carolina

Wednesday, June 19 – Craig Littlepage, Virginia

Thursday, June 20 – Dan Radakovich, Clemson

Friday, June 21 – Tom Jurich, Louisville & Jack Swarbrick, Notre Dame

 Monday, June 24 – Leonard Hamilton, Florida State

Tuesday, June 25 – Jim Larranaga, Miami

Wednesday, June 26 – Roy Williams, North Carolina

Thursday, June 27 – Jamie Dixon, Pitt

Friday, June 28 – Mike Brey, Notre Dame

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