Mornhinweg focused on transforming Jet’s offense

NFL: AUG 14 Preseason - Rams at Jets

A reader submitted piece from Alex Jackson, as he takes a look at the NY Jets.

New York Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg says his players will stop at nothing to win when the season gets underway.

The 51-year-old moved to the MetLife Stadium earlier this year, charged with the task of shaking up the current NFL betting lines by reinvigorating the Jets’ offense after they missed out on the play-offs for the second consecutive season in 2012.

Mornhinweg certainly has the pedigree to turn them around, as during his time as either a head coach or coordinator, he has finished in the top 10 of the NFL in scoring eight times, passing nine times and rushing six times, most notably while overseeing the49ers in 1998 and the Eagles a decade later.

He is also a man who loves to go deep, as during his time in Philadelphia, they led the league in passing plays of over 25 yards or more, with him often arguing that there is a correlation between yards per attempt and winning.

This will be interesting to those smart football fans who normally keep a close eye on the Paddy Power NFL betting markets as well as Jets fans, who will be hoping that this more direct style will finally see underperforming quarterback Mark Sanchez deliver on the promise he has shown in flashes since being drafted to the franchise in 2009.

The coach is undoubtedly a man who knows that he’s doing and says his team will be going all out to win every game of the season.

“We’ll do whatever it takes to win the next ballgame,” Mornhinweg said. “We don’t care how we get it done, running or passing or who gets the credit. That old-school mentality is important to me. The talent is important to me. The hard work and preparation is important to me. There is no substitute for the hard work and preparation. Those things are important to me. If you’re missing one of those, you put a cap on yourself. … If you’ve got all three, then you’re in pretty good shape.”

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