Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere May 21, 2013.

acc_logoThis week the big ACC story is the ACC baseball tournament. There is the potential that the ACC could get 4 National Top 8 Seeds, but I’m thinking 3. Let’s see the what the ACC bloggers have to say about this and other goings on in the ACC.

By the way, if you haven’t keep our friends in Oklahoma and that part of the country in your thoughts and prayers.

TarHeelFanBlog details the haul of ACC baseball awards that the North Carolina Tar Heels took in. 

Wolfpack blog BackingthePack look at NC State’s baseball team heading into the ACC baseball tournament.

Virginia Tech has quietly put together a solid baseball team. How are their matchups looking in the ACC Tournament? 

Florida State blog Tomahawknation thinks the ACC’s future is trending upwards for a variety of reasons.

Who will be a breakout player for Georgia Tech this season in football? FromtheRumbleSeat is doing a 3 part series and SS Fred Holton is the first Jacket player profiled.

What does Duke Sport Blog think about Coach K possible returning to coach Team USA? They like it, and I do to. Even if you’re not a Duke fan, you have to admit Coach K has done a wonderful job with Team USA the last few years.

Lastly Congratulations to the Virginia Men’s Tennis team for winning the National Championship today. 

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    Wow, never would’ve expected UVa to win a national championship in Tennis. When I think UVa, I think rough-and-tumble sports like football and rugby, maybe wrestling. Country Club sports like Tennis and Golf makes you think of a school like Va Tech…

    …wait, I got that BACKWARDS, didn’t I?!?

    [congratulations, Wahoos! Display the trophy proudly… even if the Hokies never really wanted to win it, we can be proud of you guys for a few seconds]

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