2013 ACC Baseball Championship Seedings and Schedule.

Colin MoranThe ACC Baseball tournament features 6 teams ranked in top 25. That’s 6 of the 8 teams in the ACC Tournament. Only the SEC can also claim 6 top 25 teams, but only the ACC has 4 top 10 teams, that’s 2 more than other conference. The ACC has good chance of landing 3 of the national top 8 seeds. UNC and Virginia appear locked in. Florida State or NC State could possibly be team number 3 and maybe teams 3 and 4. If the ACC doesn’t at least have 2 teams make it to Omaha, it would have to be a considered a real disappointment.

Is this the year ACC can finally break through on their CWS drought? Wake Forest was the last ACC team to win the CWS way back in 1955. Strange as the ACC has been of the country’s top baseball conference’s for years.

Here’s a thought as well Pittsburgh is ranked 21st in the country and Louisville is 12th. The ACC may be the best basketball and baseball conferences in America in the future. That said conference strength is measured in titles, and the winner of the ACCT is going to have a lot of momentum going to into the CWS.

Here is the 2013 ACC Baseball Championship site for schedules and information.

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