Andrew Wiggins sets a date to announce his college choice. Where will he end up?

andrew-wiggins-423The most sought after prep college player in the country Andrew Wiggins appears to have set a date of this Tuesday to announce his college choice, according to NBC Sports. Where he ends could change the fortunes on any team he chooses. Kentucky would become the prohibitive favorite to win the national title. Kansas and UNC would be on the short list of national championship contenders, and Florida State would go from bubble team to a likely top 25 team.

In college football I hesitate to say a player in his freshman year can change the face of a team, but with college basketball an elite freshman can certainly do such a thing. Carmelo Anthony anyone?

So where does he end up? By most accounts, he doesn’t like a lot of media attention. That could mean FLorida State where his parents went to school, or it could be a UNC, Kentucky, or Kansas where the early pressure may be less. I think it will be Noles. Where do you think he’ll end up?

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