Thoughts on the SEC Network and the ACC’s possible Bowl lineup

BoydAs I said earlier this week, blogging will be limited this while I’m on the road. There were a couple of announcements today that I want to touch on.

First the SEC had their official release of their upcoming SEC Network.  The most important part of the release for ACC fans?

The network will also feature studio shows and coverage of special events such as signing day and football pro days. 

ACCDN already doing this… Just browse the videos and you’ll find several ACC draft relevant pieces and and some studio shows.

The digital network, which will launch nationally with AT&T U-verse, will show hundreds of additional events.

ACCDN already doing this, though its not in hundreds yet, but there are live events. Boston College vs Wake Forest baseball was a recent live event on the digital network.

Each SEC school will have the opportunity to produce and develop content for various platforms.

Sounds like to me some level of agreements of this nature again already exist. Read this link from sportsvideo.org concerning ESPN3 partnering with several ACC Schools for digital content. 

My speculation is once the deal is ready, the ACC Network itself will be able to go up relatively quickly  There won’t be years infrastructure development. Each time details are released on the SEC Network, we learn more about how the ACC has positioned itself ahead of time.

The ACC also appears to have locked up Pinstripe and Gator Bowl games as more ACC bowl lineup details are leaked. Also the Champs Sports, Music City and Belk bowl look to stay with the ACC. The Belk Bowl may get a SEC team as well.

Here is the good news from the article.

“Nothing has been solidified yet,” Swofford said. “We spent two days in Charlotte this week with our current bowl partners as well as potential future bowl partners, and with the increased depth and quality of our bowl lineup, I don’t think there’s any question that our lineup for the future will be enhanced.”

Sounds good to me…

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