Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere April 29, 2013.

Brandon-JenkinsIt’s been a little while since we’ve checked in with the ACC bloggers. We are going to resume Monday as our day to post this article. OK lets see what’s going on out there…

How did Florida State lead the nation with 11 NFL Draft Picks? Let Tomahawknation tell you… With the SEC dominating the draft, theystill didn’t have a team out do the Seminoles. This is going to make Jimbo Fisher’s recruiting go much easier.

What’s the other end of the spectrum when it came to the NFL draft? How about Georgia Tech with exactly 0 NFL draft picks? ACC/SEC takes a look at Paul Johnson’s recruiting and the talent level at Georgia Tech. You know my feeling on Johnson’s recruiting. I think it could be better… much better. If his recruiting ever matched his pure coaching ability, the Yellow Jackets would be a real force.

Duke had their first player drafted, QB Sean Renfree, since 2004. Conner Vernon wasn’t drafted, but will get a free agent shot with the Oakland Raiders. DukeSportsBlog can celebrate this good news for Blue Devil football. 

Pittsburgh coach Paul Chryst held his first ACC teleconference. Pitt blog CardiacHill tells us what he had to say. 

What did ACC Prescription think of the ACC’s Grant of Rights?  They lay out the benefits and some thoughts on the future of the ACC.

Miami blog StatoftheU bids Shane Larkin adieu . I don’t think anyone can blame Larkin for turning pro. His stock won’t be higher. Best of luck to him in the pros!

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