ACC Games in Europe… For or Against?

BarnesHARFriday a story appeared on CBS Sportsline that the ACC is considering playing game in Europe.  My first reaction was WHUT THE? Then I remembered the Pac 12 was bouncing around the idea of playing in China, that Virginia and Oregon had already discussed the possibility of playing a football game Europe, and Notre Dame and Navy played in Ireland to a sellout crowd and on national TV. 

You start looking at it those terms and maybe it’s not so crazy.

This is all about exposure and PR. If I’m the ACC, this is what I’m doing. There has already been basketball games on aircraft carriers which have been great PR.

Take a location in Europe like Ramstein Air Force Base and play a free game in front of American overseas servicemen and women.

I think that would go over like a home run. Done correctly and the ACC can only enhance their brand, but done poorly and it can look like a desperate PR stunt.

That can happen as well if you have a poor matchup and an empty stadium.

What do you think good or bad idea?

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    I like your idea of a free admission game for the Air Force Base – it would be a full stadium, an enthusiastic crowd, and good television too.

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