Details emerge how John Swofford got Florida State to sign the Grant of Rights.

fsuOn Monday we said it was time to give John Swofford his due in securing the ACC’s future.  Depending on who you ask either John Swofford pulled the proverbial rabbit out of hat that saved an ACC that was weeks from imploding or the other train of thought, and the one I believed,  that nobody was leaving anytime soon. Swofford had to be proactive about the ACC’s future reassuring it’s members that it was the place to be.

Whichever one you believe, the fact remained Swofford couldn’t stand on the sidelines and and not do anything especially if he wanted a GOR signed, and for that he needed Florida State’s buy in.

Let’s not debate how valuable the Seminoles are to the ACC. There are 4 schools that ACC simply couldn’t survive without. Florida State as the conference’s most valuable football property is one.

Duke and North Carolina are the identity of the ACC, and Clemson as the conference’s number two football program. In any case, everyone signed the GOR, but how did Swofford do it, especially in the case of Florida State? The Tallahassee Democrat has a well written and detailed article that explains just this. I recommend reading this, as you’ll gain insight into some of the behind the curtain dealings we don’t often hear about.

From the article there were a couple of big highlights I want to talked about. When Swofford traveled to Tallahassee,  he went went with Dean Jordan. Who the heck is Dean Jordan? I’m glad you asked. Remember this article from SportsBuinessJournal in January when it was announced the ACC would forms a panel to study the financial benefits of a network?  

The Wasserman Media Group was hired to help with this study. From that article.

Wasserman Media Group was brought on board to consult with the ACC’s athletic directors on future plans. Dean Jordan in WMG’s Raleigh, N.C., office will lead the agency’s relationship with the conference

Swofford convinces Florida State to sign a GOR, after twice FSU voted against higher exit fees. Dean Jordan has had weeks between January (maybe sooner) to study the profitability of an ACC Network before the first March visit to Florida State. Several weeks later a GOR of rights is signed and the ACC is reportedly getingt $3 Million more in their TV contract. Swofford and Jordan must have wowed the Florida State people for this to happen so quickly.

Just connect the dots here a little…

I think this is further proof that a ACC Network is now virtually inevitable. Keep an eye on May 2. That is the day SEC/ESPN will officially announce their network venture. I believe this will provide even more details to how the ACC Network look.

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