Final Thoughts on the 2013 Masters: Adam Scott wins one for Australia

adam-scott-golf_t640Looks like I was a year too early saying Adam Scott could win the Masters.  For Australian golf fans who suffered through Greg Norman’s near misses at Augusta, this has been a long time coming for Australia and Adam Scott.

Scott has long been considered to have one of the finest swings in golf. Today he showed it. From tee to green no body played better than Scott. If he had putted better he could lapped the field, but he made the putts when it counted.

The sky is the limit for the 32 year old Adam Scott as he enters what should be the prime of his golfing career. I fully expect him to win 2 or 3 more majors before his career is over.

The Masters never fails to deliver and it didn’t this year. What else did I take away from this year’s Masters?

  • Angel Cabrera has major stones. His shot on 18 after Scott’s birdie putt was unbelievable. There is no player in golf that can come into a major playing worse and contend. The 2-time major winner just seems to show up at the biggest events. He certainly could have won, and it took a spectacular effort by Scott to hold him off.
  • 14 year old Tianlang Gaun made the cut and finished 58th. It doesn’t sound that impressive, but for a 14 year old to make a cut at major is absolutely amazing. He handled his slow play penalty with great poise. I’ll be very curious to see how his career develops. To be that good and that age… wow.
  • Tiger Woods is probably the world’s best player right now. He will not break Jack Nicklaus’s record. I know people will focus on the 2 stroke penalty, but that is not what cost Woods this tournament. Even as moved up the leaderboard on Sunday, it barely registered with the leaders. The intimidation factor isn’t there anymore. I do think eventually he will breakthrough and win that 15th major, but there are just to many young and talented players that respect but don’t fear Tiger. By the way he didn’t have to withdraw from the Masters.
  • Lee Westwood finished in the top 10 of a major again… He didn’t win again. We’ll keep the Lee Westwood major watch going.
  • What happened to Phil Mickelson? In his last three rounds he shot 76,77,73. Normally Augusta National is like playing in his backyard. Time to get back on the practice range Phil.
  • Jason Day will eventually win a few majors. At only 25, he’s starting to become regular on Major Championship leaderbaords. That’s his 4th top 10 in his last 10 majors. He said the pressure got to him a little bit Sunday. That won’t keep happening. He’s a future star.
  • 6 of my top 10 contenders finished 13th or better.  Go me! Just kidding. I totally whiffed on Scott.
  • The U.S Open at Merion Golf Club in Pennsylvania is next in June. It’s a short track so accuracy will be far more important than length. We’ll have our preview of that major then.

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