SportingNews calls Clemson’s Dabo Swinney the ACC’s top coach.

DaboRemember when Dabo Swinney was an ACC punchline for his apparent lack of coaching ability? Even now there are some critics that will claim that Swinney is a good recruiter surrounded by solid assistants and nothing more.

Don’t say that to SportingNews. They rank the ACC’s coaches, and Dabo Swinney tops the list. 

Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson regarded by many as an excellent coach is 8th.

Excluding last season, the conference’s most successful coach in recent years, Virginia Tech’s Frank Beamer is 5th.

Johnson’s and Beamer’s rankings I think would surprise some. I expect there are going to be some folks that really disagree with the author Matt Hayes.

Now why are these rankings meaningful? Well Hayes is well respected college football writer, and his opinion on Swinney says something about the Tigers surging program. Ok maybe he won’t have so much respect anymore from some ACC fans.

Before anyone shoots the messenger or if you’re a Clemson diehard praises the messenger, these aren’t my rankings. My ACC coaching rankings will come out a little later this spring, but Hayes might stir up a little conversation on who’s the ACC’s top coach.

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