20 Years of menus from the Masters Champions Dinner


With the Master’s this week, I received a very timely article from Roger Kethcart. You ever wonder what’s being served at the Masters Champions Dinner? Here’s the past 20 year’s in pictures. Enjoy!

Pass the Gravy – Mashed Potatoes Served at Masters Champions Dinner By Roger Kethcart

On Tuesday night Masters winners of yesteryear gathered ’round for one of the most renowned traditions of the tournament, the Champions Dinner. The previous year’s winner is responsible for choosing the menu, and early Wednesday morning Bubba Watson revealed on Twitter what fine delicacies the champions enjoyed this year: Grilled chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and macaroni &cheese. It sure doesn’t get any fancier than that.

From classics like cheeseburgers and fries to the more ethnic chicken panang curry, champions have chosen a wide assortment of culinary delights over the years. Check out what each winner has selected over the past two decades with cable.tv’s Masters Champions Dinner graphic, which is sure to make your mouth water.

Masters Champions Dinner
Created by http://www.cable.tv


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