Take notice ACC ADs, Is there anything the Louisville athletic department can’t do?

Louisville v Purdue

Beat a SEC team in a BCS game? Check – Louisville beats Florida in the Sugar Bowl

Beat this generation’s top coach and program for a trip to the Final 4? Check – Louisville beats Mike Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils in the Elite 8 and may win the national title.

Beat women’s college most recognizable female star and defending national champions? Check – Louisville beats Brittney Griner and the Baylor in the women’s Sweet 16

 Get a top 10 baseball team. Check  – Louisville is ranked 10th in this past week’s Baseball America.

Let’s do all that on a supposed Big East inhibiting budget. Well, it’s been a good year for Louisville and AD Tom Jurich.

The other ACC AD’s have got big problem, that’s only going to get worse when Louisville joins the ACC in 2014. Other ACC fans are taking notice and will take more notice the closer Louisville gets to competing in all sports in the ACC. Miami fans will have to wonder why is Louisville football better than ours? Clemson fans will question how did Louisville baseball get better than ours? UNC and Duke fans are asking when did Louisville basketball surpass ours? Florida State fans might be thinking why did Louisville beat Florida and we lost to them in our backyard?

Every ACC fan has will be wondering how are they doing this and we can’t?

If you think this is just a flash in the pan, you’d be wrong. Louisville has been growing and building their athletic department for years, and with the increased money from ACC do you really think a slowdown is around the corner?

Let’s not forget Syracuse, they are headed to the Final 4 as well. Syracuse’s and Louisville’s success is obviously not a bad thing for the ACC. In fact it’s a big positive for the conference. Healthy competition is better in the long run for the entire ACC.  Still, if I’m the AD of another ACC school I’m cringing thinking how I’m going to answer to a fanbase that can see what’s happening in Louisville, Kentucky, as I try to explain some reason why one of my schools team’s can’t compete at a high level.

I’m a blogger, but I’m a fan first, and I’ll be honest it’s getting a little tiresome to hear reason after reason why Clemson’s basketball and baseball teams are gradually regressing. I’m starting to lose patience with why Georgia Tech’s football recruiting is near the bottom of the ACC, and how 1 football win over the Georgia Bulldogs in the last decade is anywhere close to acceptable.

I’m taking notice of what’s happening at Louisville. The rest of the ACC’s ADs probably are too because they know their jobs just got a lot tougher.

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  1. Hokie Mark says:

    What you said X2. No doubt, U of L just threw a bucket of ice water on all those ADs who hide behind lower revenues as an excuse for not winning. (Academic standards – now THAT might be a horse of another color).

  1. All About Sports :: Louisville proves their commitment to football with fundraising campaign. - Rainy Monster says:

    […] the College Football Playoff spot too, you have to invest in your football program. Remember nearly 3 years ago we said Jurich would put other ACC AD’s on notice?  Looks like that prediction is […]

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