Looking at each ACC teams 2013 NCAA Bracket.

I have heard alot about the ACC getting the shaft job in this year’s NCAA tournament… Is it true? Well let’s see maybe things aren’t as bad as they look.

Here’s a bracket to view… 

Ok we are going to start with the Duke Blue Devils.

Duke – #2 seed in the Midwest

Ouch a bracket with Louisville, Michigan St., and a strong St. Louis team. This looks tough. I tried to be optimistic about Duke, but this bracket is just brutal. Louisville is playing as well as anyone in the country and Michigan St. is as dangerous a March team as they come under Tom Izzo. Creighton with Doug McDermott could be a very dangerous 2nd round game. Look at it this way Michigan St. has to go through a Duke team that was largely considered the country’s top team when Ryan Kelly is healthy. It’s going to be hard earned, but Duke is battled tested and motivated. They can advance out of this region, but a letdown performance ala Maryland in the ACCT and they could get bounced early.

Where they’ll end up – Elite 8

North Carolina – #8 seed in the South

I thought the Heels are bit underseeded at 8. I felt they had done enough to get a 6 or 7. I’m not a fan of manufactured matchups, and that’s exactly what the committee tried to do with a possible Kansas vs UNC second round game if the Heels beat Villanova. If the game wasn’t in Kansas City, I’d give the Heels a great chance to pull the upset. I’m not high on the Jayhawks. Any team that loses to TCU and by 20+ to Baylor is beatable. The Heels need to shoot as well as they did against Miami to have a shot at a deep run. Michigan could be waiting in the sweet 16, and Georgetown further down the road. The South isn’t as tough as the Midwest, but it’s close.

Where they’ll end up – Round of 32

NC State – #8 seed in the East

NC State was going to end up a tough draw no matter what. They were headed to towards an 8-9 game. Temple could be a struggle, and Indiana will take an outstanding effort to beat. I don’t like the Hoosiers defensively. I haven’t all year. The Wolfpack matchup well with the Hoosiers, and it might be Indiana that’s saying that could be our 2nd round game? Should the Wolfpack advance the bracket really opens up. Syracuse has trouble scoring and UNLV has been inconsistent. Beat Indiana and I can see the Wolfpack get to the Elite 8 where the run will end against Miami.

Where they’ll end up – Round of 32

Miami – #2 seed in the East

The Hurricanes got a great draw. Neither Illinois or Colorado strike any fear in the 2nd round. 3 seed Marquette has one quality road the entire season. Butler is well coached and dangerous, but a team that Miami should beat. They have great guards in Shane Larkin and Durand Scott. They are a veteran team that also has size and can play at different speeds. Indiana is the only team in this region that I think can beat Miami. If Miami doesn’t get to at least to the Elite 8, something went seriously wrong. I think as a 2 seed, the Canes got a better draw than even Ohio State the 2 seed out West. The Buckeyes might have to play a New Mexico or Arizona in Los Angeles. Should Miami get to the Final 4, they are headed to Atlanta, GA which is a reasonable distance for Miami fans to get to.

Where they’ll end up – Championship Game vs Louisville

 Here’s JR Reid’s take on the tournament.

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