Quick thoughts from day 2 at the ACC Tournament.

Just a very quick post tonight, but I wanted to put down a few thoughts from today’s action.

With a Semi-Finals of Miami vs NC State and Maryland vs UNC, things are wide open now with Duke out. NC State and Maryland are finally playing like the teams we expected to see all year. Our friend @HokieSmash called Maryland a darkhorse all week, and it looks like he’s right.

Miami by making the weekend will be no worse than a 3 seed in the NCAAs. Actually I think it will work like this for the Canes. Lose Saturday – 3, Lose Sunday – 2, Win Sunday and they could be looking at a 1 seed for the NCAAs.

The biggest loser of the day was by far Virginia. I don’t see the ACC getting 6 teams into the dance, and Maryland has pulled ahead of the Cavs. Ole Miss winning further pushes Virginia down the bubble. I know UVA swept Maryland, but the committee loves runs in conference tournaments.

I do believe Duke will hold on to a 1 seed. Once you get past Indiana and Gonzaga, who are you going to put ahead of Duke? Louisville? Duke beat them. Kansas? They lost to TCU and got beat by more than 20 at Baylor just over a week ago. Florida? Come on they have 4 losses in the SEC. Miami if they win the ACC tournament, has the best argument. They would be regular season and tournament champions, but then thats 2 ACC number 1 seeds.

We will see if that happens… long way for that.

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