Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere March 10, 2013.

The week before the ACCT… If things work out I should be there for some of the games. How are the ACC bloggers feeling about things going into the ACC and NCAA tournaments?

DukeSportsBlog says for Duke to reach their full potential they need Mason Plumlee to play at a high level, like he did against UNC.  By the way was that not one of the best halves of basketball anyone has played this year? Duke was unbelievable in the first half.

On the other end of the spectrum, TarHeelFanBlog called the game a nightmare from the very beginning.  Yep I can’t argue with that. While the small lineup has made UNC better, there are still limitations to the Heels on the glass against bigger teams. We saw that Saturday.

The Miami Hurricanes are the ACC regular season champions. Let Miami blog StateoftheU tell you all about the Canes championship. 

NC State isn’t the ACC’s most disappointing team. That honor goes to Maryland, but Wolfpack just haven’t been consistent, and they lost in Tallahassee to a very average FSU team. Yes I understand that BackingthePack was frustrated by the officiating, but NC State has by and large underachieved this year. There’s still the ACCT though, and that can change a lot of these perceptions.

This post was made a few days, but its a good one. We haven’t talked about Virginia Tech basketball much the last several weeks, but Erick Green has had phenomenal year. He is the nation’s leading scorer despite being the focus of every opposing team’s defense. GobblerCountry evaluates the excellence of Erick Green.

Need the latest on ACC expansion news? The ACC blog ACCPerscription does a good job keeping up with the latest rumors from an ACC perspective. With $2.5 Million the all that separates Notre Dame from joining the ACC, I expect the Irish in the ACC very soon.

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