A Word About Rushing the Court…

Please stop talking about rushing the basketball court after a big college hoops win.

Absolutely, I can understand the safety concerns that university and law enforcement officials have (as well as fans) about rushing the court.

But – there should be no rules regarding the rush of the court in the sense that a certain win qualities for rushing the court – and a  certain win does not.

Stop it already.

Earlier this year, when North Carolina State defeated North Carolina, many on Twitter were debating whether WolfPack Nation fans should have rushed the court after the big win.  Yes, North Carolina State was ranked at the time – and North Carolina was not – but Wolfpack Nation had not defeated the Tar Heels in more than a deacade.  Yet, I saw comments on Twitter like, “This is why State will always be State” because they are rushing the court on a game that they were supposed to win (in that they were favored).

Heck, teams rush the court on Duke on a regular basis (I rushed the court in the 2010-2011 Virginia Tech – Duke game), Virginia and Miami students and fans rushed the court on wins over Duke this year, etc.  You get the point.  Coach K doesn’t seem to like this, either.

Didn’t we say stop it?

Folks, students are in college once – and I know when I was in college, I loved to have fun.  Who doesn’t?  Students will have more than 30 years of work ahead of them once they graduate from college.  Why take away this fun?  As I said – I understand the security concerns for rushing the court – we all do.  But don’t take away the fun from students – please.

We need to live in a world were we aren’t discussing this issue (and here we are blogging about it – so yeah, we are talking about it – because we want people to stop talking about it and let those kids have fun!!).

If you think that there needs to be a set of rules for rushing the court, I think I want your Social Security check – because you are too old.

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