Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere February 24, 2013.

Light past week on the blog, with this winter blast cold I’ve had, but I’m declaring myself well. It’s time to get back to blogging with some Articles from around the ACC. Let’s check it out.

Wake Forest had one of their biggest wins in recent memory when the the Deacs knock off #2 Miami. The future is bright according to BloggersSoDear.   Lose at home to Georgia Tech, beat Miami at home. Wake Forest is ACC’s most schizophrenic team, and nobody is even close. Would it surprise to you if they made the finals of the ACCT or lose by 25 on Thursday?

Just when you thought you could forget the North Carolina Tar Heels, here they come playing some of their best basketball of the season. Saturday they knocked off a talented NC State by 11 in Chapel Hill. Tar Heel Fan Blog says this is the UNC of the future.

Duke seems to really be figuring things out now withough Ryan Kelly.  That’s also what DukeSportsBlog also thinks following the Blue Devils 21 point win over Boston College.

Virginia set up their huge matchup with Duke with a dominanting 28 point win over Georgia Tech. StreakingtheLawn recaps the game and let us know how important the upcoming Duke game is.

Do you follow every expansion story out there? Tomahawknation interviews some of the most familiar names on the internet that always have an opinion on what going to happen next. I have a simple rule when it comes to an expansion story. If the rumor isn’t confirmed within 48-72 hours of first hearing it, then throw it on the back burner.

FromtheRumbleSeat has a prayer for Georgia Tech sports.  The basketball team is struggling. Football recruiting was a bust, but the guys on the blog are hopeful.

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