Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere February 17, 2013.

Ugh not a good day, the phone died and your’s truly is feeling under the weather, so the articles around the ACC Blogosphere will be brief. By the way make a free throw Clemson and you would have pulled the upset tonight on Miami.

BackingthePack is a little frustrated that NC State had to go OT with Virginia Tech in Raleigh.  We’re still waiting for the Wolfpack to play to their potential, or is this who they are?

How is the reaction at Maryland after their stirring win over Duke? TestudoTimes relives the excitement for the Terps. 

DukeSportsBlog gives a status report on the return of Ryan Kelly.  Without him Duke can reach the Elite 8 maybe Final 4, but they can’t win it all without him.

The Tar Heels got a much needed win over Virginia Saturday and Tar Heel Fan blog discusses the game. Roy Williams has gone with a smaller lineup, and it’s been a good move. UNC isn’t and won’t be an elite team, but they are dangerous. Don’t overlook them…

Interesting article at ShakintheSouthland on the state of Clemson basketball. This was before Clemson’s hard fought loss to Miami tonight.

It was another disappointing close for Boston College. This time it was at Florida State. There two reason you lose close games. 1) You either have alot of talent that is poorly coached or 2) you don’t have much talent and you are well coached. I think the BC is in the later. BCInterruption looks back at the latest loss.

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