ACC Releases 2013 Conference Football Opponents and Sites, 1-11-13

Another ACC Press Release sent to us by blog contributor @HokieGuru.  A couple of things… Georgia Tech heading to Clemson for the second straight year sounds bad, but the reality this is something Georgia Tech has wanted for years.

Previously Georgia, Virginia Tech, Clemson all went to Atlanta in the same year. Doing this allows the Jackets to balance their home schedule.

I like that Pittsburgh and Syracuse get Florida State and Clemson at home. It’s a great introduction for the new schools to host the two ACC football powerhouses.

We did lose Florida State playing Georgia Tech and getting a return visit from Virginia Tech this year. That’s unfortunate, but choosing between that and the 9 game ACC schedule or the 8 game conference schedule, well 8 is better.

ACC Announces 2013 Conference Football Opponents

Pittsburgh, Syracuse Join Coastal, Atlantic Divisions

Balanced Eight-Game League Schedule Allows for

One Primary and One Rotating Crossover Opponent


Release: http://theacc.co/13FB-opponents-0111

Graphic: http://theacc.co/13FB-opponents-pdf

Greensboro, N.C.—The Atlantic Coast Conference Friday announced the football conference opponents and sites for the 2013 season incorporating new members Pittsburgh and Syracuse into the 14-team league. As the conference did in its previous expansion schedule model in 2006, this year’s schedule of league football opponents is entirely a new scheduling model that is not based off the previous schedule.

The complete 2013 ACC Football Schedule, including specific dates, is expected to be announced in early February.

Each ACC team will play eight conference games in football (four home and four away), six games within their division (three home, three away) and two games (one home, one away) with crossover opponents from the opposite division. In 2013, all Atlantic Division members will host their primary crossover opponent while Coastal Division members will host a rotating crossover opponent.

Each school’s primary crossover opponent does not change, while its rotating crossover opponent will change each year. With the exception of Pittsburgh and Syracuse, all schools will be playing their rotating crossover opponent for the first time since 2009. Pittsburgh joins the Coastal Division while Syracuse will compete in the Atlantic Division and the two schools will play each other annually as primary crossovers. The other primary crossovers will stay consistent. The primary crossovers are:

Atlantic Division……….. Coastal Division

Boston College………………… Virginia Tech

Clemson………………………….  Georgia Tech

Florida State……………………  Miami

Maryland……………………….. Virginia

NC State…………………………  North Carolina

Syracuse………………………..  Pittsburgh

Wake Forest……………………  Duke

Also, as in 2006, the new model of conference opponents will result in repeat site games in order to balance home and away schedules. This year, taking into account the existing schedule, there will be a total of just six repeat site games, all limited to the 2013 football season.

 The games with opponents traveling to the same site as in 2012 are: Duke at Wake Forest; Duke at Virginia Tech; Miami at Duke; Georgia Tech at Clemson; Virginia Tech at Boston College; and Virginia Tech at Miami.

Though the conference is releasing just the 2013 ACC opponents at this time, this schedule model may be used as the basis for a full, multi-year schedule in the future.

Below are the 2013 conference football opponents for each ACC school. The games are listed with divisional games first in alphabetical order, followed by primary crossover (pc) and then rotating crossover (rc) games:

Atlantic Division

Boston College           Clemson                     Florida State              Maryland                  

at Clemson                  Boston College           at Boston College       Boston College

Florida State               Florida State               at Clemson                  Clemson

at Maryland                 at Maryland                 Maryland                     at Florida State

NC State                     at NC State                 NC State                     at NC State

at Syracuse                  at Syracuse                  Syracuse                      Syracuse

Wake Forest                Wake Forest                at Wake Forest            at Wake Forest

Virginia Tech (pc)       Georgia Tech (pc)       Miami  (pc)                  Virginia (pc)

at North Carolina (rc)  at Virginia (rc)             at Pittsburgh (rc)         at Virginia Tech (rc)


NC State                     Syracuse                     Wake Forest

at Boston College       Boston College           at Boston College

Clemson                      Clemson                      at Clemson

at Florida State           at Florida State           Florida State

Maryland                     at Maryland                 Maryland

Syracuse                      at NC State                 NC State

at Wake Forest            Wake Forest                at Syracuse

North Carolina (pc)     Pittsburgh (pc)                  Duke (pc)

at Duke (rc)                 at Georgia Tech (rc)    at Miami (rc)

Coastal Division

Duke                           Georgia Tech             Miami                         North Carolina

Georgia Tech               at Duke                       at Duke                       Duke

Miami                          at Miami                      Georgia Tech               at Georgia Tech

at North Carolina        North Carolina            at North Carolina        Miami

Pittsburgh                    Pittsburgh                    at Pittsburgh                at Pittsburgh

at Virginia                   at Virginia                   Virginia                       Virginia

at Virginia Tech          Virginia Tech              Virginia Tech              at Virginia Tech

at Wake Forest (pc)     at Clemson (pc)           at Florida State (pc)    at NC State (pc)

NC State (rc)               Syracuse (rc)               Wake Forest (rc)         Boston College (rc)

Pittsburgh                  Virginia                      Virginia Tech

at Duke                       Duke                           Duke

at Georgia Tech           Georgia Tech               at Georgia Tech

Miami                          at Miami                      at Miami

North Carolina            at North Carolina        North Carolina

Virginia                       at Pittsburgh                Pittsburgh

at Virginia Tech          Virginia Tech              at Virginia

at Syracuse (pc)           at Maryland (pc)         at Boston College (pc)

Florida State (rc)         Clemson (rc)                Maryland (rc)

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