A Final College Football Top 25 for 2012-2013.

I know the final AP and Coaches Polls have been released, but I’m going to give you the correct college football final top 25. Just kidding, only my opinion, but here goes…

1. Alabama (13-1)

Even if Notre Dame was overrated, it’s hard to argue this wasn’t the best team in the country after that performance.

2. Oregon (12-1)

One bad effort against Stanford cost Oregon a shot at Alabama. This was a very good team.

3. Georgia (12-2)

Since a 35-7 loss to South Carolina in early the Bulldogs have rolled against everyone they played except Alabama.

4. Texas A&M (11-2)

There isn’t any team in the country I’d want to play less than Texas A&M right now.

5. Stanford (12-2)

Only Alabama and LSU are as physical.

6. Notre Dame (12-1)

The Irish were a good team, but offensively they got by on smoke and mirrors all year.

7. South Carolina (11-2)

Remember that 35-7 win over Georgia we mentioned? I’d challenge you to find 2 more impressive victories this season.

8. Florida State (12-2)

The Seminoles are an elite player or two on offense from contending for a national title.

9. Ohio State (12-0)

The Buckeyes got by on more smoke and mirrors than Notre Dame. They played in a Big 10 conference that went 2-5 during bowl season, but 12-0 is still 12-0.

10. Clemson (12-2)

Now that the Tigers have beaten a program like LSU, they need to build on it.

11. Florida (11-2)

The Gators have some great wins, but they got whipped by Louisville in the Sugar Bowl and I mean whipped. It’s not how you start it’s how you finish.

12. LSU (10-3)

If LSU doesn’t collapse in the final 4 minutes against Clemson, I might have had them 5th or 6th.

13. Kansas St. (11-2)

The Big 12 had alot of decent teams, but their best were behind several other conferences best.

14. Louisville (11-2) 

I had a hard time placing the Cardinals. I don’t buy UF was unmotivated, but did they catch Louisville at their very best?

15. Northwestern (10-3)

Northwestern had a great season, but there’s big a dropoff after Louisville.

16. Oklahoma (10-3)

The Sooners lost to the 3 best teams they played. This program is better than that.

17. Boise St. (11-2)

Not bad when you go 11-2 and its considered a down year.

18. Vanderbilt (9-4)

Vanderbilt have won their last 7 games in a row, and didn’t lose to anyone outside my top 15.

19. Texas (9-4)

Season ending win over Oregon St. was nice way to finish an otherwise rough year in Austin.

20. Utah St. (11-2)

I remember when Utah St. was considered everybody’s favorite homecoming team. Not anymore…

21. San Jose St. (11-2)

The Spartans came within 3 points of beating Stanford. This was a really solid team.

22. North Illinois (12-2)

The Huskies ran into a FSU team with simply to much talent for them in the Orange Bowl, but still what a great year.

23. Baylor (8-5)

I can’t ignore the 4-5 start, but I also can’t ignore that the Bears ended the season beating Kansas St., Texas Tech, Oklahoma St., and UCLA while averaging 49 points a game.

24. Cincinnati (10-3)

The Bearcats lost 3 games by a total of 16 points.

25. Michigan (8-5)

The Wolverines were moments away from a huge season ending bowl victory over South Carolina…




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