Louisville’s Sugar Bowl win unites ACC Fanbases.

Sometimes SEC conference cheerleading by it’s member fans can shall we say be a bit nauseating, but for most the part I have no problem with it.

I’ll root for ACC teams out of conference, especially when it has no bearing on my individual teams. ACC fans tend to be somewhat mixed on this practice. That has a lot to do with the ACC’s football struggles in recent years.

Louisville’s addition was met with universal praise, though.

To it’s credit future ACC member Syracuse opened some ACC eyes with its bowl over West Virginia. The ACC’s surprisingly successful bowl caught the attention of alot of ACC fans too. but it all appeared to culminate with Louisville’s route of SEC power Florida.

Here’s a sampling of the rest of the ACC from Message Boards to twitter giving Louisville congratulations and support.

Georgia Tech – http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=140&f=2938&t=11126355&p=2  ( Find the Angry Bird! )

Louisville – Congrats from the ACC.  http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=17&f=2759&t=11127205

North Carolina – Let’s go Louisville! http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=78&f=1408&t=11126168

Clemson – Don’t Look now! http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=46&f=3167&t=11126401

Welcome, Louisville. RT “@dkanell13: And yes feel free to chant#ACC #ACC #ACC

How do you not love these guys? RT @jdemling: And yes that was A-C-C the Louisville crowd was chanting at the end of the game.

Thank you Louisville.


Power conference teams that went down to the current and future#ACC: USC, LSU, UF, WVU, and RU. Dang. #goACC

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