Networks see decline in College Football viewership, well unless you had Notre Dame.

Sometimes it seems college football can’t be stopped. It will just keep making more and more money and more and more people will keep watching, or will they? I was surprised to this article from the SportsBusinessDaily, that showed a decline across the board in college football televsion ratings. 

To reveal the power of the Notre Dame brand, NBC was up a whopping 67%, while all other networks dropped anywhere from 3%-71%. The 71% drop came from the NBCSportsNetwork which lost the Pac 12 as a partner.

Notre Dame also had the most appearances of any team in the top 15 primetime games at 4, including at #8 in a game against a Boston College team that was 2-7.

2 Things  are clear to me from this.

1) Could we be seeing the beginning of a saturation point of college football?

2) Like it or not, a relevant Notre Dame program is the most powerful entity in college football.

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