Boise State: From lovable underdog, to cutthroat mercenary.

Remember when Boise St was everybody’s favorite non-BCS team? The little team that could. They beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl and everybody cheered. They’d beat the Oregons, the Virginia Techs, and the Georgias of the world, and they earned our respect. Their coach Chris Peterson stayed at Boise St., and we liked that too.

Peterson stayed with Broncos rather take the money from a big time program, and nobody would have blamed him if he left. This weekend Boise St. went from lovable underdog to cutthroat mercenary when they decided to pit the Big East and Mountain West Conference against each other in a battle to land the Broncos services as reported by ESPN.

Maybe its the current climate of college athletics as Boise St. tries to retain the television rights to it home games. Which conference is going to give Boise St. what they want, one, both or neither? Why not try if you’re Boise St.? They don’t make the rules, they are just playing by them.

They tried to improve their football lot in life and due to circumstances beyond their control are forced to take these extreme actions. I don’t disagree Boise St. must look out for themselves, but I don’t have to like how we may be preparing for public and probably ugly bidding war for Boise St.

Is this what college sports has become? Sell yourself to the highest bidder? I guess so… That’s the way it is now and for the foreseeable future. Here’s a warning though. College Football is driving things here, but attendance is down and viewership is down. There may be a bubble on the horizon and this endless pile of money may not be there one day.

If both conferences balk at giving into Boise St.’s demands the bubble might be closer than we think.



  1. Bob Rule says:

    Helllooo, where have you been? Bowls, BCS, leagues have been about money for a long tiime. Weak commentary on BSU.

    1. Jfann says:

      I didn’t exactly say Boise St. was doing anything wrong, but setting networks against each other sets another ugly precedent…

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