Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere December 16, 2012.

It was exam week for most of the ACC schools, so not a heavy week of ACC games. The ACC bloggers still have bowl games, and the ACC basketball conference basketball games upcoming. Let’s check out what they have to say about that.

A poignant piece by DukeSportsBlog put sports into perspective following the horrible tragedy in Connecticut Friday. Please keep the folks in Connecticut  in your thoughts and prayers.

ACC blog site SCACCHoops takes a look at where the ACC basketball teams currently are versus per-season expectations. 

ShakintheSouthland has a surprisingly pessimistic view of Clemson’s football program.   I wouldn’t get so worried yet with a couple of de-commitments. I means 17-18 year old kids are as flaky as 60 year conference commissioners and school presidents when it comes to realignment. Nothing is ever as it seems, and you rarely know what the truth. At least the kids have the excuse of being young, while the people leading the schools and college athletics are just embarrassing themselves theses days. Boy did I go off on a tangent… In anycase there isn’t any reason to panic in Clemson that a Chick Fil A bowl win over LSU won’t fix. For all the accolades offensive coordinator Chad Morris gets, I’d like to see him beat a an elite defense. He’s a good coach, but not yet a great one in my opinion.

The North Carolina basketball team had an uneven performance against East Carolina, and TarFanBlog takes a look at the game and where the Heels team is at.  In my opinion the Tar Heels are a decent team and probably an NCAA team, but in an upgraded ACC they look like no better than a 4th or 5th place team in the conference. Quietly as I’ve said the quality of conference’s basketball is improving.

Virginia Tech suffered what Gobbler Country termed an embarrassing loss to Georgia Southern basketball this weekend. You know what they are right. The Hokies are 8-2 so it’s no time to panic, but the Hokies can’t let this loss linger. So who are the Hokies? The one that lost this game, or the one that beat a good Oklahoma St. team, and we just talked about the about the quality of the conference in basketball…

NC State’s football team is making staff changes. StatesFanNation has the write up on the new coordinators for head Coach Dave Doeren.

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