Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere December 10, 2012.

Normally our articles from around the ACC Blogosphere is a Monday feature, but this will be moved to Sunday night as Monday will be our ACC Bubble Analysis night. Why the move? Because there will usually be ACC Sunday night basketball games, and we want the results included from those games.

Everything clear? OK time for our ACC Bloggers…

DukeSportsBlog says save your comparisons of this year’s Duke’s basketball team to the 2010 National Title team.  I’m tempted to make some comparisons myself, but it may be to early for that, but this years Duke team is certainly capable of winning it all.

It’s finals week at Georgia Tech. FromtheRumbleSeat calls it the Dark Cloud Approaching.  Let me tell you as a graduate of Georgia Tech, it was exhausting. In my professional career I’ve never worked more than a finals week at Georgia Tech. You won’t ever miss it when your done Yellow Jacket students. Good luck!

Remember when Logan Thomas was a possible Heisman candidate. Now Virginia Tech GobblerCountry makes a case for backup Mark Lea to start. Ouch…

NC State plays Vanderbilt in the Music City Bowl, and BackingthePack is beginning to take a look at Vanderbilt.

 What’s the reaction to Boston College’s hire of Steve Addazio? BCInterruption has the answer.

BloggersSoDear has reached the point where they still root for Wake Forest basketball, but where can they only worry about so much about issues at head coach. I know that point rooting for a team. It’s called apathy. Yep you still watch the games and keep up with the scores, but pretty much when the games starts getting out of hand you find something else to do. You don’t even get mad anymore…

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