Fantasy Football has ruined the way I watch the NFL.

Today as I headed to lunch at the day job, I got a harmless question from one of my co-workers. Who was my favorite NFL team? Frankly I hadn’t really thought about it in quite awhile. I live in South Carolina was it the Carolina Panthers?

I used to live in Atlanta, maybe it’s the Atlanta Falcons… I grew up a Dallas Cowboy’s fan, but I didn’t really have much allegiance them to anymore. Jerry Jone had turned me off to the Cowboys some years ago.

I guess it was Atlanta or Carolina due to their proximity to where I live, but really I didn’t care that much about whether they won or lost. Well I watch a lot of football with great interest, and I realized it, I only care about how my fantasy football players did, and it’s ruined the way I watch the NFL.

I don’t have a favorite NFL team, but I have a favorite team, and it’s MY fantasy football team. Team(s) in this case across 3 leagues. I remember how many receptions and yards that Vincent Jackson had this weekend, but I’m not quite sure which division the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in. NFC South right? What’s the their record, wow I really no idea. I would have to look it up.

I wonder if the NFL even knows there is a whole generation with fans with no NFL team allegiances. I guess it doesn’t matter because we  are all watching just the same, though I haven’t bought any NFL merchandise in years. I bet you wonder what I do during the NFL playoffs. I play playoff NFL fantasy football. Yep there are formats for that too, and I don’t really care who wins the real playoffs either.


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