Articles from around the ACC Blogosphere November 26, 2012.

Not good a past week for the ACC by any measure…. Maryland is leaving the ACC, the conference was whacked on the field by the SEC, and ACC Championship game tickets are going for less than lunch at McDonalds.

Honestly though I don’t know how anyone can drum up much interest for a 6-6 Georgia Tech team, and that’s coming from a Georgia Tech grad. Remember the last 2 years were sellouts in Charlotte, and it’s unfortunate that this the worst Coastal  Division has been since expansion. This is a 1 year blip though I guarantee it. There is no way Virginia Tech goes 6-6 again, and North Carolina and Miami are programs on the upswing.

Of course Georgia Tech can be a solid team should Paul Johnson ever decide that maybe recruiting matters.

Hey it’s not all bad news for the ACC. Duke has the best resume of any college basketball team in the country, and is now the number 2 in both human polls, and number 1 in the RPI.

Let’s start with the good news…

DukeSportsBlog says despite Duke’s hot start they can get better.  You know what I agree. I think this team is better than the 2010 national title team. They won’t overwhelm you athletically, but there’s enough there to play with anyone in the country.

There’s frustration in Tiger land after Clemson lays down to South Carolina Saturday. This is from ShakintheSouthland.

Tomahawknation tells us that Jimbo Fisher plans to handover the playcalling duties… Let’s not get too carried away with FSU’s loss to Florida. They were after all on 2 game winning streaking with the Gators and the last team to beat Notre Dame. The Noles are alot closer to being great than they’ve been in a decade, but it’s coming. That said a loss to either Georgia Tech in the ACC Title game or a loss to the Big East Champ or Kent State in the Orange Bowl would set the program back 3 years. There’s still plenty of motivation to finish the year strong for the Noles.

What is Boston College looking for a in new football coach? BCInterruption has the lowdown.

FromtheRumbleSeat is far more optimistic on Georgia Tech’s future prospects than me. They say there is talent in the wings. I don’t see it… Georgia could have layed 80 on Georgia Tech if they had wanted. Did I say Paul Johnson needs to upgrade his recruiting enough times this year?

How does it feel to lose 9 years in row to your arch rival? Virginia blog StreakingtheLawn knows… Ouch.

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